This page provides the status of field support. The status indicates the progress of each field support request.
24/5/20 Rec.
15/6/20 Obj.fin.
Ethiopia1. Secondary data review and situation analysis
2. Advise on primary data collection (PDC)
Final draft under review.
Advise on PDC to be discussed with ICCG.

12/7/20 Rec.
Iraq1. Secondary data review and situation analysisP
Presented key findings to Iraq ICCG on 9/9/20
Rec. = Date of field requested
Obj.fin.= Date of field request objectives finalised
There are three types of status:
New (N): means that the request was received, but the discussion between requesting country and GIMAC has not taken place to agree on the field support objectives and deliverables.  
Processing (P): means that the request has been received, and GIMAC and country requesting support have agreed on objectives and deliverables.
Completed (C): means that the request has been processed and the country requesting support has received the deliverables.