This page provides the status of field support. The status indicates the progress of each field support request.
24/5/20 Rec.
15/6/20 Obj.fin.
Ethiopia1. Secondary data review and situation analysis
2. Advise on primary data collection (PDC)
Final draft reviewed by ICCG.
Advise on PDC being discussed by ICCG.
The DEEP project handover being discussed.

12/7/20 Rec.
Iraq1. Secondary data review and situation analysisC
Final draft submitted to ICCG.
23/11/20 Rec.
Ethiopia1. Support to develop a remote monitoring (primary data collection) methodology and tools focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on essential service provision and emerging conflict.P
via Assessment and Analysis Working Group (reporting to Ethiopia ICCG).
Rec. = Date of field requested
Obj.fin.= Date of field request objectives finalised
There are three types of status:
New (N): means that the request was received, but the discussion between requesting country and GIMAC has not taken place to agree on the field support objectives and deliverables.  
Processing (P): means that the request has been received, and GIMAC and country requesting support have agreed on objectives and deliverables.
Completed (C): means that the request has been processed and the country requesting support has received the deliverables.