Field Support

GIMAC continues to provide targeted technical support and services based on field requests. This support is available to 25 countries which are implementing Humanitarian Response Plans. The geographical scope of this initiative may expand based on resources of the cell. The list of countries where the GIMAC support is available is updated periodically.

For more information, please see the GIMAC field request mechanism. The document provides information on support modalities and technical scope of the field requests.

The support requests must be generated in close collaboration with the United Nations Country Team/Humanitarian Country Team or Inter-Cluster Coordination Group. However, the request can be initiated from various coordination forums which are inter-cluster/agency in nature. This may include Information Management Working Group (IMWG), Assessment Working Group (or equivalent), Inter-Cluster Coordination Groups, Humanitarian Country Team and or by multiple stakeholders.

GIMAC menu of field support and services

Based on available capacity, GIMAC can provide the following remote country-level support.

1. Support for data preparedness and structuring
2. Support for producing situation analysis
3. Training on secondary data analysis and use of the DEEP
4. Advise on primary data collection (limited in scope)
5. Specific technical support