Field Support

In the initial phase, GIMAC is providing targeted technical support and services to 25 countries which are implementing Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs). The geographical scope of this initiative may expand based on resources of the Cell. The first round of field support will be provided until the end of June 2020.

GIMAC menu of field support

Based on the initial capacity, GIMAC can provide the following remote country-level support.

Support CategorySub-Category
1. Technical support and guidance on needs assessment and analysis1.1. Country-specific guidance for the needs assessment and analysis.

1.2. Develop methodologies, tools and related information management components for secondary or primary data collection and analysis.
2. Joint analysis 2.1. Situation analysis.
2.2. Comprehensive analysis.
2.3. Risk analysis.
2.4. Satellite-derived analysis by UNOSAT.
3. Capacity building: secondary data analysis via Data Entry and Exploratory Platform (DEEP)3.1. Remote training on secondary data analysis and use of the DEEP.