Data Entry and Exploratory Platform (DEEP): the Secondary Data Review (SDR) Project

The Data Entry and Exploratory Platform (DEEP) – Secondary Data Review (SDR) Project is a project led by the Global Information Management, Assessment and Analysis Cell (GIMAC). It is implemented by the Data Friendly Space (DFS) and GIMAC Teams, while the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) provides project management and financial support. The project will produce a secondary review of qualitative data through the DEEP and the GIMAC Analytical Framework for selected countries for a fixed timeframe.
Among the expected outputs will be an enhanced assessment registry that allows users to explore available needs assessments; secondary data review of country-level assessments, surveys and situation report’s to produce joint analysis; and to review information gaps for geographical areas, affected groups and sectors.
The project will improve the Inter-Cluster Coordination Groups (ICCGs) ability to conduct joint analysis and monitor changes in the humanitarian situation; adjust on-going response and produce strategy and advocacy products.
A total of 14 countries were proposed to the Global Cluster Coordination Group (GCCG). Consultations, including with the field, were held in October. Inter-Cluster Coordination Groups were requested to accept or decline the project on a no regret basis. So far, six have accepted to be part of the GIMAC DEEP SDR Project. These countries include South Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Consultations are now underway to select the seventh country. This project has kicked off on 1 November and will support the seven selected countries until the end of April 2021.
This project is funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).