Analytical Framework

In response to the onset of the global COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020, the Global Information Management, Assessment and Analysis Cell (GIMAC) developed an analytical framework for the review and analysis of secondary data to:

1. Improve situational awareness;
2. support the understanding of the global and country-specific COVID impact from a holistic and inter-sectoral perspective;
3. Inform humanitarian programming and response;
4. Provide evidence for decision-making at global and country-level.
The framework follows a chain of causality approach (from left to right) to identify the impact of a shock, in this case more specifically COVID. It does so by looking at seven main elements.
GIMAC Analytical Framework is adapted from Joint Inter-Sectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF). The framework structure and analytical steps developed by the GIMAC aims to guide secondary data review and joint analysis on the impact of the pandemic.
In line with other initiatives and inter-agency commitments and practices, GIMAC co-leads and partners have opted for the use of the DEEP as the main tool for the Secondary Data Review.